Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review

I never thought I’d ever want to play with a phablet.  The word itself just makes me shudder.

Phone-tablets are meant for a certain type of person I do not see myself as.

There is no way I will be one of those people.

It’s just a device, dude, surely you can’t be serious?

I am serious and don’t call me Shirley.

Low and behold after spending a bit of time with it, I might actually appreciate the all-in-one device.

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review.

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Smartphone Return Policies

Smartphone return policy

Buying a smartphone is a huge financial investment.  With two-year subsidized pricing on the way out and device payment plans on the way in, you will really want to make sure you get the device that suits you best.

You can read all the reviews that you want, but nothing comes close to actually going to the store and using the device for yourself.

What happens after you leave the store and three days later you find something about your $500+ device that you simply cannot stand?  Are you stuck with it?  Maybe.

It never hurts to ask about the return policy at the store you are planning to buy your device from.

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Unboxing: Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Unboxing Note 5

Another unboxing video coming right at ya!

This week it’s the gorgeous Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  I’m so excited to get the opportunity to play with it over the course of a week.

Next Friday you can plan on reading and watching my review for the Galaxy Note 5 here on and on the YouTube channel.

Watch the video on YouTube or click the link in the featured image.


Wednesday Update: Galaxy Note 5 and Walmart

wednesday update

Just a quick little update for how things have gone with mobileFreq.  The last update was October 28, 2015 so I figured it was time for another.

You may have wondered where the heck an article was hiding on here yesterday.  Turns out there was not an article to be found.

I initially had planned the Star Wars Battlefront Companion app post to be used on Tuesday for Tappday, but after reading through it a second time, I rewrote a few paragraphs and made it into a preparation post for the new EA video game.  I thought it would help boost web traffic and get people excited for the game itself.

Having made a post for Monday I needed to decide what would be coming out on Tuesday.  How about the post that was scheduled for Monday?  Yeah that sounds like a great idea!

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Star Wars Battlefront Companion app

Star Wars Battlefront companion app

A long time ago on a game console not-so-far away, a game was born that would bring balance to first and third person shooters.

This game would in-time become a  trilogy much like the films that it replicated in a virtual environment.

As many patiently await it’s release, there are many actions that can be taken to prepare one’s self before they enlist with the united Empire or join the filthy scum of the Rebel Alliance.

The Star Wars Battlefront Companion app is one such way you can get ready for EA’s latest blockbuster game.

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Windows 10 Mobile… soon… eventually.

Windows 10 Mobile release

As another day goes by in November, Windows Phone 8.1 users are getting more and more antsy.  They await the official Windows 10 Mobile update that will completely change how their device works.  Using your phone as a “desktop” is one example of how your Lumia will be transformed into a powerhouse of a device.

Recently Gabriel Aul, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, responded to a user on Twitter saying that no new builds of Windows 10 Mobile would be rolling out for another few days.

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