Another day another patent.  Figured I would start this blog off with something interesting.  Google was just issued a new patent for what looks like Google Glass on January 21st, 2014.  Ok it looks exactly like Google Glass.

Could this be closer to what we will see in the consumer version of the device possibly this year?  Maybe.  It would make sense to implement dual headphones on Glass because currently listening to music with the mono headphone is just not enjoyable.  Another benefit from this design would be the fact that it would open up the micro USB port since that is how the current version of Glass works.  Not to over-geekify yourself, but if for you were running low on battery, you would now be able to plug in and charge it while still being able to listen to your music.

Google Glass patent

Speaking of running, this new version of Glass would be perfect for fitness aficionados.  You could go for a run and be able to really hear your music all the while following directions on your HUD or timing yourself for your miles.  Or if you go to the weight room and want to bench press or do squats.  You would no longer have to worry about those classic athlete-inspired-wrap-around-the-neck headphones that become a burden when pushed against something and instead focus on your to-do list on your Glass.

What the patent doesn’t say is if the headphones are built in to the device itself or if they are removable.  I would speculate that they would be removable, however it makes you wonder what Google has in mind for Glass.  Assuming they are built-in, could Google be trying to market different versions of Glass to different consumer profiles?  It seems like something that could happen, but more likely it is just the newest revision of Google Glass.

Source: USPTO

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