Tis the season for updates.  Most flagship Android phones are currently getting updated to Jellybean (4.3) or Kit Kat (4.4) while Nokia Lumias are getting their hands on the newest Nokia Black update.  Ok so maybe it isn’t a completely new operating system like the Android fellas are getting, but it is a welcomed update if you have a Lumia because who doesn’t like fresh features?

The top two favorite features, “Nokia Glance Screen” and “Nokia App Folder” had more votes than the other 6 had combined.  That is crazy!  Nokia Glance Screen topped out with 41.62% of the votes and Nokia App Folder brought in 11.75% of the total votes as shown by the pie chart below.


The top feature, Nokia Glance Screen, is nothing more than a nice custom “lock screen” of sorts.  You can customize what information to show and when to show it.  For instance you can set it to turn on at different intervals throughout the day to show if you have any missed emails, text messages or phone calls with whatever color you want for the text.  You can also have it pop up whenever you are charging your Lumia.  Or if you despise your Lumia (for whatever the reason) and want to punish its battery, you can simply have it activated all day.  My favorite activation setting though is the “peek” setting.  If you pull your Lumia out of your pocket, flip it over from laying face-down on a table or if you simply hover your hand over the screen, it will turn the screen on for you.  It is analogous to Moto X’s active display.  Basically it is pretty darn cool.Nokia-Lumia-Black-Glance-Screen-2_0_featured

Nokia doesn’t say how many people participated in the poll, but from reactions across the web, it seems like all Lumia owners are absolutely thrilled with Black.  If you haven’t gotten the update yet check out this link on how to get it!

Source: Nokia

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