“Always kick it,” said 20-year-old Jake with a humorous tone and giving a brief demonstration.  “Yeah if I drop it, I have found that instead of letting it just get beat up by the ground, I just poke my foot out a bit and my shoe somewhat acts like a cushion which dampens the amount of force applied to my iPhone.  Works every time.”

Apparently this is the key to keeping the glass-coated iPhone 4S around in pristine condition and is why Jake does not bother with a case.

While he may be riding a lucky streak with his current iPhone 4S, Jake wasn’t so lucky last summer.  His previous iPhone 4S needed replacing due to a broken lock button.

Despite the fact that he had a defective device, he still plans to stick with Apple Inc for future smartphone purchases, even if he has a choice next time.  The reason he is currently sporting the Cupertino hardware is due to his parents deciding that everyone in the family was to get an iPhone when they signed up for the two-year contract.  He doesn’t care one bit since he didn’t have to spend a time.

The brown facial-haired EE student’s iPhone 4S is currently running the latest version of iOS7 and is on the AT&T network.

What is Jake’s favorite thing about his iPhone 4S?  Ease of use.

“If I’m looking for something, I just know where it is,” casually said Jake now reclining in one of the comfortable HUB chairs.

However, like all of these interEviews, there is a pro and a con.

The con?  How easy they are to break.

The other thing close to breaking?  Jake’s thumbs.  He is an avid Clash of Clans gamer and plays it nonstop.  It is actually what he was playing when I sat down to talk with him during that mid afternoon.

Other than Clash of Clans, he mostly uses it for texting.

When asked for any final thoughts, Jake said he, “never understand[s] the hype for the new upgrades.  If something doesn’t need fixing, why bother?”  Spoken like a true engineer.




[bulletlist title=”Pros” align=”left” background=”on”]
[bulletlist_item]Ease of use[/bulletlist_item]


[bulletlist_item]Still a quality device despite the age[/bulletlist_item]


[bulletlist title=”Cons” align=”left” background=”on”]
[bulletlist_item]Easy to break[/bulletlist_item]

[bulletlist_item]Too expensive[/bulletlist_item]



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