Sitting at a table in the Penn State Hetzel Union Building, otherwise known as “The HUB”, 24-year-old graduate student , Alison, was playing around on her phone.

“I don’t trust myself without a case.  I drop it all the time.” said Alison with a big grin stretching from one brown eye to the other.

That phone?  An iPhone 4.  Yup, after three years she is still rocking an Apple classic and apparently it’s holding up pretty well despite the abuse.

Why would she care to hold on to this device for so long?  Interesting fact about Alison: she is French.

Three years ago in France she bought her time-honored iPhone 4 for a whopping 519 euros.  To all of you American readers, that is a healthy 700 dollars.

She thought this was too much to spend on a smartphone, but was dead set on making sure that she was not locked into a contract.  Alison considers buying a smartphone at full retail price completely worth it.

What makes an iPhone 4 even more worth it is the amount of storage for her songs.  Her iPhone 4 has 32GB and she loves every bit of that space.  Alison actually is currently working on her thesis that deals with music.  It is safe to say that she is really into music and her iPhone still fulfills these desires like a champ after three years.

However, with every positive there comes a negative.

“It’s getting slower over time.  I haven’t updated the software in like two years because I’m running out of space.”

She is not sure when she will upgrade to a new phone, but she does not care because as of right now it serves it’s purpose.  Texting and playing music.

When asked about any final thoughts on her iPhone 4, Alison said that, “I love being able to Skype with my friends across the world.”  And yes, she does skype sometimes with her AT&T data plan.

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[bulletlist title=”Pros” align=”left” background=”on”]
[bulletlist_item]Made for music[/bulletlist_item]

[bulletlist_item]Being three years old…can get it CHEAP[/bulletlist_item]
[bulletlist_item]Plenty of storage…in the short term[/bulletlist_item]


[bulletlist title=”Cons” align=”left” background=”on”]
[bulletlist_item]Getting slow and showing its age[/bulletlist_item]

[bulletlist_item]No expandable storage for the long term[/bulletlist_item]

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Recent Penn State grad who loves all things mobile. Has a knack for teaching and enjoys a bit of alliteration.

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