“Try not to go snowboarding with your phone.”

Wise advice coming from 20-year-old physics undergrad, Domenick, who knows a thing or two about kinetic energy and projectile motion.

The phone that suffered the fall was his Samsung Galaxy S4 and his current Motorola Droid RAZR is filling in for the time being.

Dom has had this Droid RAZR for about 1.5 years now and is somewhat satisfied with the temporary stand-in.

Apparently it was a “long story” and he shared the expedited version.

A long time ago he originally had a different Droid RAZR which ended up breaking.  His current RAZR was a replacement device.

Dom then upgraded to a Samsung Galaxy S4 and took it for a bit of a Final Destination trip while snowboarding.  So now he is back to his second Droid RAZR.

Still with us after that?

Despite the setback, he is planning on upgrading to the Samsung Galaxy S5 whenever he has the opportunity.

“I really liked the S4.  I think I will give Samsung the benefit of the doubt and try them out again,” said Dom before taking a byte of a Sbarro pizza slice.

While it may seem like we are kind of doing a double intereview here about the Galaxy S4, I asked him what his favorite thing about his Droid RAZR was.

“It’s gotta be the sleek and tough design.  Definitely the design.”

Dom also really likes the vibrant screen on the RAZR.

The one thing that he doesn’t like is the inconsistent speed.

“Sometimes I will be on the internet and it will be wicked fast and then other times when I’m just texting it slows down so much,” said Dom.  “Like every so often it won’t receive a picture message until a day later.”

Let it be noted that his Droid RAZR is currently running Android Jellybean 4.1 and is, of course, on Big Red’s network (Verizon Wireless).

It is unfortunate that he has these glitches with the texting service because his most used app is SwiftKey.

He also frequently uses Twitter on his Droid RAZR.  Hopefully he will follow one more person on there…cough…@aQuickBit…cough.

Before I could get the opportunity to ask the brown haired undergrad for a picture of his RAZR, Dom finished his meal and took off.  This explains the mediocre Google picture that I had to improv with as the title image.  I can assure you though, Dom is a very real person.


[bulletlist title=”Pros” align=”left” background=”on”]



[bulletlist title=”Cons” align=”left” background=”on”]
[bulletlist_item]Inconsistent speed[/bulletlist_item]

[bulletlist_item]Showing it’s age…not a Galaxy S4/S5[/bulletlist_item]

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