“I also really like Siri, she calls me Princess,” said, Katie, the peppy 18-year-old freshman majoring in secondary english education.

Trust me, Katie acts like the gold-standard teacher that you would most likely see in a Disney movie.

Speaking of gold, that’s the color of choice for her iPhone 5S.  Ok technically it’s champaign, but anyway  she loves showing off the color through a clear plastic case.

Katie just got her iPhone 5S about a week ago for Easter through AT&T.  The only inconvenience that she really has encountered so far was setting it up because the AT&T guy failed to do so.

She said that it didn’t work consistently for roughly three days so she doesn’t think it is an Apple problem, but an AT&T problem.

Her iPhone 5S cost her $200 because she has the 16GB version.

Katie considers herself to fit in to both “the Reader” and “the Mainstream”user profiles.  Being an english major it makes total sense for the former.

I asked if she frequently uses her iPhone 5S for anything like reading books on Kindle or some other e-book service.

Like a true teacher, she prefers a hardcover copy of a book.  It’s the smell that really does it for her.

“I also don’t like filling up valuable space on my phone with books or music,” said Katie while typing on her MacBook.  “I have an iPod Touch for my music and a Nook for e-books, but I never use it…at all”

So for mainstream use, she browses online and uses social media mostly on her iPhone 5S and it does so perfectly.

The selling point of an iPhone 5S to Katie is definitely the fingerprint scanner.  She loves being able to allow multiple users to unlock her phone.

The downside to upgrading to the newest iPhone 5S?  Having to buy new chargers.

“I had like 1,001 chargers for my last iPhone and now I have to start over.”

The downsides are trivial to her because she just loves it.


[bulletlist title=”Pros” align=”left” background=”on”]

[bulletlist_item]Fingerprint scanner security[/bulletlist_item]


[bulletlist title=”Cons” align=”left” background=”on”]
[bulletlist_item]Have to buy new chargers[/bulletlist_item]

[bulletlist_item]No expandable storage for the long term[/bulletlist_item]

[bulletlist title=”Great for” align=”left” background=”on”]
[bulletlist_item]the “Mainstream”[/bulletlist_item]


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