Booyah!  Got my offer code to try out the Motorola Moto X for just a penny!  The experience was analogous to an intense eBay auction.  Ok it wasn’t that extreme.  It was interesting though.  I had the Motorola homepage, the Moto Maker page and the TryThenBuy FAQ page open all at the same time about 15 minutes before it went “live”.  I refreshed a few times and then at 11:51 p.m (EST) on June 8, 2014 the registration link opened up on the TryThenBuy FAQ page.  I filled out the form and was immediately rewarded with the “Congrats!” confirmation.  I checked back to the homepage and it still wasn’t updated.  After nine long minutes I finally got my email on June 9, 2014 at 12:01 a.m (EST).  By then the Motorola homepage had updated, the rainstorm had settled outside and all was right in the world.

Screen Shot 2014-06-08 at 11.51.32 PM

I honestly can’t wait for this play period to start.  “But Kage it is such an old device and with the XPlus1 right around the corner why would you even bother?”  Good question internet stranger.  Why would I want to?  Well first off I get to essentially review a fantastic device for free.  If you haven’t noticed I am not in the same ballpark as other blogs such as Droid Life or Engadget where devices magically show up to their doorstep to play with.  For a small guy like me who is just starting off, this is a great opportunity.  Yes, it has been reviewed into the ground all over the web, but I’d like to share my thoughts on this “aging” device and see if you all like my style of writing.

Another reason that I am stoked is that I honestly haven’t played around with or owned a Motorola device in a long time.  Like original Droid RAZR long time.  That device still has a special place in my heart as being one of my top three phones of all time.  I am hoping that this new little guy can step up to the plate and rekindle my appreciation for a Motorola device.  If it passes with flying colors (purple and metallic orange to be precise) then I will happily return it and wait for the rumored Moto XPlus1 to be released.  So I guess I’m considering this to be a TryThenPreorder.

The one thing I am most disappointed about is the following image.

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 12.52.44 AMYou see that fine print right there…to the right?  Apparently the 64GB option is not available to us Verizon Wireless customers.  That is a low blow, but I figure I’m just testing this out for two weeks before it’s getting returned so I guess 32Gb will suffice.  I really hope they get it together in time for the XPlus1 because 32GB with no expandable is starting to feel cramped on my HTC One.  Heck, I hope I get to test it out before the XPlus1 is released!  Within five minutes of using the checkout, the availability date got pushed back an entire day to June 18, 2014.   Ending on a positive, at least I get a free Moto Skip!

So did you get a promo code for the Moto X?  Why did you go for the offer?  Plan on keeping or returning it?  Let me know in the Disqus below!


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