Mozilla and want to make it easier for you to keep up with all of your World Cup needs with the new Firefox add on.  Today the new Firefox add-on was made available to the public.  With it you gain up-to-date information directly from Brazil such as news and most importantly live scores.  This add-on is apart of the new Firefox sidebar menu that gives you access to your social networks, add-ons and other websites.

Not only is the add-on available on desktop, but Android as well.  However it comes with a bit of a catch: you don’t get any of the live score features.  Well as of right now you don’t.  Maybe once the World Cup starts they will have an update and you will be able to.  Then again you might have your own app specifically for all things World Cup…or you know…Google Now.  Still, you do get to see breaking news from the add-on in a very quick and easy manner.

In order to use the fútbol friendly add-on, follow the link below on your mobile device in your Firefox browser and download it.  Go into your tools settings and activate it for the country/language of your choice.  When you are on the Firefox homepage, swipe all the way to the right and you will now be able to see the newsfeed.

Here are some pictures of the add-on on the desktop and on Android.

I think it’s nifty.  I’ll see how long I use it before I forget about it due to the lack of score updates.  Using it in my browser on the other hand…well it’s here to stay.

Source: The Mozilla Blog

Download the Android add-on HERE

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