If you want an iPhone 5 Otterbox case, now is the time to get one over on AT&T’s website for $5.  Seriously go do it.  Now.  Even if you already have a plethora of other cases, you would have to be crazy to not take advantage of a 95% off deal…check it STEAL.  Did I mention the thing is waterproof up to 6ft?  It is one rugged iPhone protector.  The deal is for the white/blue version while the black/orange is discounted to $49.50.  It is only available online.  Let me reiterate…go buy this ASAP while it’s still an option and in stock.  Hit up the purple AT&T link below.  Cheers iPhoners!png


Via 9To5Mac

Source: Otterbox Case on AT&T


UPDATE:  I had a friend on Facebook message me that he bought two of them.  With free shipping included the total was $9.


UPDATE 2: Whoever jumped on the opportunity, congrats because the deal seems to have ended.

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