If you were one of those people like myself that signed up to attend the Amazon event July 18, 2014 and received a denial email, we are in luck.  Sort of.  It’s a silver lining.  Amazon decided that they wanted to show their gratitude for us being interested in what they have to show off to the world by giving us a $20 coupon for the Amazon Fire TV.  This brings the price down to $80.  I don’t think this really qualifies so much as a “deal” so I’m not categorizing it as such.

Not so sure that it is quite worth the price with the promo.  I’d opt for a $30 Chromecast if I were you or a lunch date with Gary Busey to be honest.  Still, it’s a nice gesture on their part and I thank Amazon for the offer.  To redeem the coupon all you have to do is order the device with the same email address (your Amazon account) and the discount will be applied at the checkout.  Easy as that.  If you have any problems just give them a call since their customer support is usually top notch.

Here is the email they sent out.  If you do decide to purchase a Fire TV, make sure you do so by July 4, 2014 which is when the offer expires.  Cheers!

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 4.56.01 AM

So are you going to take advantage of this offer?  Let me know below!

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