Hate having to spend a whole dollar on that icon pack or latest game?  Download Google Opinion Rewards to earn free Google Play Credit.

After downloading the app you will need to sign in with the Google account that you purchase apps with on the Play Store.

Once you have signed in, all you do is wait for a survey to show up and then answer the questions.  Complete the survey and earn free Google Play Credits.  Seriously that’s it.

The catch?  Well there really isn’t a “catch” except that you are most likely willingly letting Google data mine the absolute snot out of you.

If you can get past that idea, this app is totally worth it.

Note that surveys aren’t always available to get free credit.  A survey will show up every so often and if you don’t answer it within a certain time frame, it will disappear and you will have to wait for the next one to come around.

When you first sign in to the app you will get an intro survey to show you how the process works.  Completing the tutorial will give you your first free Play Store credit.

The surveys are pretty much about everything.  They can vary from your shopping habits at a local Walgreen’s to what car you purchased last year.

Depending on the survey, you will earn different amounts of credit.  Sometimes it is as little as $0.18 to as much as $1.00.  If you answer several surveys though, they add up fast.

This app is only for Android users so you iPhone people miss out unfortunately.

The link to the app is below along with a brief video of it in action.


Download Google Opinion Rewards here

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