So you were expecting an iPhone 6 review tonight right?  Well guess what?  That won’t be happening.

Why is that you ask?  That is a great question!

I messed up.  Sorta.

So I have been writing this iPhone review over the past month making sure that I covered every little part that I thought was important.  I have gone back, edited, added, and deleted.

Finally after what seemed like forever trying to perfect the review, I was finished.

Last night I had saved both copies of the finalized review and now was ready to insert all of the images into the correct locations.  Here’s where it went wrong.

I forgot to backup/sync the screenshots from the iPhone when I had it.  Whoops.

I have looked high and low.  Everywhere.  I kid you not.  iCloud, my Macbook, this PC’s hard drive, its two SSD’s, my MyCloud, and even my thumb drives because why not?

Not a single screenshot remains.  I can’t show the battery life screenshots, or the ones of the settings, or other neat things that I favored within iOS 8.  That is why I won’t be posting the iPhone review tonight.

I want to make sure you guys are getting the full thing and not some half-baked write-up where I don’t have real concrete data to backup my thoughts.  Pun shamefully intended.  I don’t want to tell you the battery is great or terrible without actually showing it.

So I figure it is a perfect learning opportunity for both you and I.  Let’s instead talk about backing up your devices!

Apple users click here to read about how to backup your iPhone
If you are an Apple user, then the easiest way to backup is using iCloud.

First, go into your settings and scroll down to iCloud.

Next, toggle the things that you want to be backed up to Apple’s servers such as your photos!  Hey that would have been perfect for the sake of the iPhone review!

After that, click on the backup tab and make sure “iCloud backup” is toggled on.  If you want to make a backup right now, do it.  I highly advise it! You only get 5GB for free, but that should be plenty for most of your photos.

screenshot credit goes to

That is the quickest/easiest way to backup your iPhone.  There are other methods like installing Dropbox, Google Drive, connecting to iTunes on your computer, OneDrive, etc.  They all work the same, but it is a few extra steps.

Android users click here to read about how to backup your device
Ah Android people, my type of people.  We have Google’s Photos app to quickly backup our pictures.

First, open up the Photos app.  If it is your first time, it will actually prompt you to use Google’s servers to backup all of your photos and walk you through the process.

If you have already used the app before, but not set up the backup feature, this is how you do it.

Click on the three vertical dots in the top left corner and then open up your settings.

Now click on Auto Backup and then turn turn it on.  Congrats you now are set up to backup your media.

You can also go through the settings to choose what you want to backup, when you want to do it, and what quality it should be.

Click the image above to expand

Windows Phone users click here to read about how to backup your device

First open up your Photos app.

Next, click the three horizontal dots on the bottom right side of the screen and then tap settings.

Where it says Auto upload, choose OneDrive.

You should then choose Best quality because then your device won’t backup using your cellular data.  It will only backup when connected to Wi-Fi and you get the best possible picture so it is a win-win.

That’s it!

Click the images above to expand

Hope you all learned a little bit from this post.  I know I did.

The iPhone review will still be coming out.  Mark my words it will happen.  I have put too much time into that post for it not to be read.

Maybe what I will do is ask my country friend if she can send me screenshots from her iPhone.  Yeah, I will probably do that.  So give me a few days to get screenshots from her and hopefully it will be posted by the weekend…or on the weekend.

If you have any questions please comment below!

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