Another day another Rapid Reaction!  This time I’m taking a look at the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

Was I as excited for this release as the HTC One (M9)? Not really.  I have always been sort of “meh” when it comes to Samsung.

However, I am more eager to get my hands on this device than the One because boy does it look good.

Enough small talk, here is my Rapid Reaction to the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.

Things to appreciate:


Alright I’m getting this out-of-the-way first because we are all thinking it: the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is a positively gorgeous device.  I mean seriously look at it.

Oh it is one pretty device.  I don’t think I’ve loved the look of a device so much since the iPhone 4 or more recently, the HTC Desire EYE.

Everything about it is elegant.  The way the glass screen curves down around the side of the phone.  The home button.  The metal frame flowing around each smooth corner that looks like it will be a delight to hold.  Heck even the font “Galaxy S6 edge” on the back looks sleek and modern.

The way the Edge has notifications and apps on the sides is fantastic.  I can’t wait to see what it will be like in person.

Samsung really stepped their game up.  Gone are the golf ball dimples of last year and instead comes a polished glass back.  They heard your demands for a premium device and they certainly produced one.


Not only does the Galaxy S6 edge come with Lollipop straight out of the box, it also features a less-obtrusive TouchWiz skin.  At least that is what they say.  I will have to see when I review it.  However, if what they say is true then it is great for more “techie” people who don’t want the bloat of a typical Samsung device.  If it looks more like stock Android 5.0 and is as smooth as stock Android we all win.


The Galaxy S6 edge has one big beautiful 1440p display at 577 pixels per inch.  It’s wicked sharp.  I realize I just praised the HTC One (M9) for NOT having a 1440p screen due to battery concerns, but if Samsung can pull off then more power to them.  It is a great thing to push technology forward and if it doesn’t stutter at all then 2015 just may be the year of 1440p displays.


They kept it at 16 MP, but increased the aperture size to F1.9″.  This allows for more light to be collected before it gets to the sensor.  Awesome.  Samsung has always had fantastic cameras and I really hope that they get even better.  Oh and can you say Optical Image Stabilization?  Booyah!

More RAM

It’s just a gigabyte more than last year, but it is always a good addition.  Improved multitasking and gaming here we come.

Exynos Octa

Samsung decided that this year every Galaxy S6 edge would be getting their built-at-home chip, the Exynos Octa.  This 8-core, 2.1GHz, 64bit processor is sure to fly and is no longer exclusive to European markets.

Wireless charging

I love built-in wireless charging.  Every device in 2015 should have it.  There is nothing better than just plopping your phone down on its charging pad at night without worrying about plugging it in.  Oh and Samsung is partnering with IKEA to help make wireless charging furniture.  Think about it, you’re sitting at your desk at work with your Galaxy S6 edge.  It’s just lying there charging as you work.  No longer do you have to be concerned with getting through the day.  Boy do I love the future.

Head scratchers:

No SD card

Well that is unfortunate.  They took away a great feature.  I’m no engineer so maybe they couldn’t fit it in there, but I feel like they could have at least tried.  It will come in a 128GB option, but I’m going to assume there will be a HUGE price premium for it.  Please give me the option to take my media with me!  Galaxy S5 owners, you might not want to upgrade.

No removable battery

This is a weird one.  I have literally never swapped out a battery even if I had the option on my phone.  This would be for those power users who stare at their screen all day.  If a battery can last the entire day with normal use then it doesn’t need to be removable.  There really is no need for it.  However, with all the commercials they ran last year about not having to plug your device in at airports…well I guess throw that marketing strategy out the window.  In case you needed a reminder:

Smaller battery

The Galaxy S6 edge has a 250mAh smaller battery than the Galaxy S5.  Combine this smaller battery with that big ol’ 1440p screen and this could be a bit of a mistake.  Hopefully the Exynos Octa is one heck of an efficient processor.

No waterproofing

Another feature that Samsung discarded from the S5.  Maybe it is the price we pay for having a more luxurious device.  I still feel like they could have done something though.  If the Sony Z2 and Z3 can do it then the Galaxy S6 edge should be able to as well.  Another reason S5 owners might not want to upgrade.

Glass back

 Here is one more weird head scratcher.  It makes the device feel extremely premium.  It looks beautiful.  However, it makes it a chore to take care of.  Haven’t we all learned from Apple’s trial and error with the iPhone 4?  I guess not.  If it can survive a routine drop without shattering then great.  My inner gut says otherwise.  I feel like this might be a way for Samsung to somewhat “force” users to buy protective cases for the Galaxy S6 edge.  I am not a fan of cases.  I want to show off the beautiful craftsmanship that went into making my device, not hide it behind cheap plastic and rubber because I’m worried about its durability.

There are my initial thoughts on the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge.  I think it is one beautiful device.  It should sell like Krispy Kreme donuts when the “Hot” light is on.  I really want to review this device.  I just want to hold it and marvel at how amazing it looks.  I want to take so many pictures of it.  I feel like it should be displayed in a museum somewhere.

If you are a Galaxy S4 owner and want to stick with Samsung you should absolutely have this as your next device.  Galaxy S5 owners?  Well…that is a tough one.  Kind of bittersweet, eh?  I’d most likely hold out to see what Motorola, LG or Sony have in store for us this year.

Complete spec comparison between the S6 and S5 from phoneArena

Discussion: Are you planning on getting a Galaxy S6 edge?  Why or why not?  Do you think the battery will be able to keep up with the other smartphone marathon runners such as Sony or Motorola?  Tell me your thoughts! :D

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