Well that took long enough.  The Nexus 6 will now be available directly from Verizon Wireless!

The pure Google phone will be available March 18, 2015 in stores and will set you back $250 (plus Verizon’s “upgrade” fee).

The Motorola Nexus 6 was released last year in November on practically every wireless provider except Verizon, despite it being confirmed that Verizon would be offering it.  About five months later you can now get this super phone at a subsidized price.

Has Verizon made any significant changes to the device?  Well most notably there is a very…apparent… Verizon logo on the back cover.

If you don’t want the logo on the back, want it in white or want a 64GB version, you are more than welcome to buy the Nexus 6 from the Google Play Store or Motorola’s Mobility store.  There is literally one version of the Nexus 6 and it can be used on every single wireless provider in the United States.  Reminder, you will be paying the full price of $650 for the Nexus 6 by doing it this way, but you aren’t locked into a contract of any sort.

The cleaner Nexus 6 by buying it from Google or Motorola, with 32 or 64GB and in white

According to Phandroid writer, , the Verizon edition comes with just a bit of bloatware on it.  It has a pre-installed Backup app topping out at 32 kilobytes.  Barely considered bloatware by any stretch of the imagination.

If this is the case, then kudos to you Verizon for leaving the Nexus 6 alone.  I usually use their backup services anyway for my contacts so I’m honestly not at all upset that this is included.

Why is all of this such a big deal?

First off, a “Nexus” device means that the Android operating system looks and works just like Google intended it to.  It’s clean and fast.  No hiccups whatsoever.

Second, this “Nexus” should…repeat, SHOULD…be updated as soon as Google has the newest version ready.  You will always have the most up-to-date version of Android without having to wait for HTC or Samsung to skin the OS, push the update to the carrier and then have the carrier approve it.

The last Nexus on Verizon, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus, had this very issue.  Verizon controlled every facet of the update process.  It seems like this won’t be a problem for the Nexus 6 so let’s keep our fingers crossed!

I’m wicked excited to get a chance to review this.  Yes, it will most likely be the Verizon “edition” Nexus 6 so that I can get some pictures of the back.

If you’d like to read more about the device specs, check out this article of mine from a few months ago.

Via: Phandroid

Buy the Nexus 6 from Motorola

Discussion: Are you a Verizon customer who will be getting the Nexus 6?  Are you instead going to buy it through the Play Store or Motorola so you have a cleaner looking device?  Let me know in the comments below!

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