Alright it is time to get organized.  Get some goals.  Have a plan.  Stay consistent.  Be frequent if you will.

People like transparency nowadays so I’m posting a weekly schedule along with a brief site update to keep everyone in the loop.

Hopefully it will get people excited for upcoming articles, reviews, etc.

This is the plan:


Plan of the Week/update – a schedule to keep you informed for the upcoming week of content along with a general site post about the current state of mobileFreq.  Let’s say it will be a good time for feedback in the comments section.


Daily News article – as the name implies, just a daily post about something that I consider newsworthy.  Right now I’m keeping it at one a day because I’m going for quality over quantity.  It can be about anything.

Miscellaneous Monday – Ok so I know what you’re thinking.  This is just poor word choice for something that is supposed to be structured and absolute.  Stay with me here.  It will feature questions or discussions posted anywhere on social media from the weekend.  Anything that I find interesting will be there.  Kind of a grab bag of stuff.  Keep you on your toes.


TAppday – App review day!  This week will be the app, Transmission.

interEview – What I used to love doing most will be coming back.  Interview reviews.  Meeting new people and talking to them about their devices.  This week will be an interEview featuring my friend from Trinidad, Leandro, and his Asus Zenfone 2.

Daily news article


Daily News

FiveW post – A FiveW post is something that we all know from the time that we were in elementary school.  Who, What, Where, When, Why…and How.  These posts will be structured with one of these words.  This is hopefully where my ability to teach and communicate tech concepts in layman’s terms really shines.  Hopefully.  Here are a few examples:

“Who is Android for?”

“What are Live Tiles?” (click to see an example)

“Where can you get used phones?”

“When should I upgrade?”

“Why do I need a SIM card?”

“How to get ‘free’ Google Play credit” (another example)

This week will be “What are Android Skins?” 


Daily News

Deals of the Weak – A bunch of random deals on anything mobile related.  We all have a bit of a compulsive side when it comes to getting a great deal on a new toy so the pun is intended.  I know I’m a sucker when it comes to saving a few bucks.\


Daily News

FiveW or Gadget Review – Every other week will be either a FiveW post or a review of some gadget relating to mobile.  This week will be an iPhone 6 review.


Weekly recap of anything you possibly missed.

There will also be a potential  weekend Google Hangouts video with my friends and I just discussing any and all things mobile.  They might need some convincing…or be blackmailed.  I mean bribery.  I’ll just wrap it up now.

Recent Penn State grad who loves all things mobile. Has a knack for teaching and enjoys a bit of alliteration.

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