This “Deals of the Weak” is going to be a short one to start with, but I will try and keep it updated¬†for the rest of the day if I come across any new deals.

Smartphone: Samsung Galaxy S5

Price: $339 (51% off, no contract)

Condition: New

Colors: Blue, Black, White, Gold

Unlocked: YES

Sold by: Target on eBay

Why you should buy: A sub $400 device that is only a year old, IP66 waterproof, updated to Lollipop, tons of accessories, wireless charging is available, removable battery, and SD card capability. You would have to be crazy to pass this up.


A great device for a great price

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Accessory: Anker Astro Mini 3200mAh charger

Price: $9.99 (50% off, normally $20)

Condition: New

Colors: Black only

Compatibility: All mobile devices

Sold by: AnkerDirect on Amazon

Prime shipping?: YES

Why you should buy: A great backup external battery just in case you use your device a bit too much during the day. Normally retails for $40 and is sold for $20 on Amazon. Prime shipping is available. It only comes in black, but that shouldn’t keep you from grabbing one. I have one and it has helped in emergency situations.


The Anker Astro Mini can help recharge your phone to 100%

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