Pixel Dungeon is a free rogue-like dungeon crawler with of course, pixel graphics. Don’t let the simple graphics fool you, this game has depth that most games don’t come close to. It’s tough as hell and in the two years that I’ve been playing it on and off, I’ve gotten to the final boss twice. Both times it did not end well.

Pixel Dungeon is the sort of game that makes you want to pull your hair out, but stick with it and learn the little tricks to get by.  You’ll work your way towards a death that hurts to the core due to all of the loot you’re carrying. Potions, scrolls and wands are randomized at the start of each new game.  Memorizing the properties of each to match the color will help you whereas symbol and shape…not so much.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve hoped that the unidentified potion in my inventory has been a healing potion only for it to be liquid flame and I die in a fiery mess. Your best bet is to stand in water and drink each potion, at least that way the flames will go out quickly. Once you’ve used a scroll or potion, it’ll be marked with what the content is.

Pro-tip: If you find an item in a room blocked by traps or a big hole, one of the potions you pick up on that floor will be levitation.

You can support the developer of Pixel Dungeon, watabou, in-game with an IAP (in-app-purchase), but the whole game is completely unlocked. The developer also released the source code for the game so you’ll find a few different versions of it on the Play Store. Speaking of which, “Shattered Pixel Dungeon” adds a spin on the already great game. If you are a fan of adventure games, you need to add this to your phone. It’s not only randomized for each play through, it’s totally free.

Recap: Pixel Dungeon

Price – FREE

Advertisements/Purchases – None, but there are in-app-purchases to support the dev

Difficulty – TOUGH

Satisfaction – HIGH

Value – You can’t beat free

Download – Yes!

Check out Pixel Dungeon by clicking on the Play Store badge below!

Pixel Dungeon

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