I used to say “Frequently updating on all things mobile”. I truly meant it. Things happened though. Things that I probably should have taken care of when I had the chance before it all snowballed.  Well it’s finally been tackled.

We finally moved to a new home over at SiteGround. It was something that had been on my mind for awhile, but I never took advantage of the opportunity.  When I started aQuickBit years ago, HostGator had the best deal at the time and really helped a newcomer get setup with a website.

It was a good learning experience, but as we grew, so did our resources.  MobileFreq started to crawl and it became very apparent that it was time to change.  Change is always a great thing. Keep fresh. Stay modern. Be resilient. Change.

So we changed.

SiteGround has what we need. They have the resources that will make mobileFreq a household name…I hope. Maybe. Eventually. Their customer support and tech staff know WordPress like the back of their hands. They know what’s up. They even gave me a call the next day to make sure everything was going smooth and if I needed any questions answered because, “Sometimes it’s easier to talk to a human and not a support ticket”. Completely blew me away.

I also did some spring cleaning on the backend with plugins. Anything that wasn’t a necessity was blown to bits. Ok well it was just deleted, but that doesn’t sound as cool.

I did add one however.

WP Rocket.

I didn’t know if the $32 would be worth it, but holy moly I’m now a believer. I’m a proud rocketeer.

This simple-to-setup caching plugin makes mobileFreq fly.  The tools at pingdom show how great it really is.

Combine these two backend services with a sleek, modern, and lightweight theme and mobileFreq screams. In a good way.

I’m happy that I can now log into the site without timing out or getting just about every 5xx error in existence.  I can now upload kilobyte-sized images! Most importantly, I can get posts going again.

So here’s to a redesigned and resilient mobileFreq.

Here’s To Change.

Wait I mean… No… That was HTC’s thing. Um well…

Here’s To Croutons.  Here’s To Canola Oil. Here’s To Character.  Here’s To Consistency. Here’s To Creating.

Here’s To Content.

Recent Penn State grad who loves all things mobile. Has a knack for teaching and enjoys a bit of alliteration.

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