My mother would be proud of how much I love to theme.  The time of the year heavily influences my way of life.  Everything from what I wear to my gadgetry, it all has to be themed.

My favorite thing to theme is my smartphone.  It has practically limitless possibilities of how it can look and is completely unique.  No other device in the world can look like mine and at the same time they can. Here is to those who aspire to be different, but also those who need some influence.

From now until October 31, 2015, I will be collecting as many screenshots as possible of the best Halloween smartphone themes.  I really want to see how creative some of you are!

Everything from iPhones to Androids and Windows Phones are welcome to partake in the holiday festivities!

If you have a simple wallpaper that looks great on your iPhone, share it!

If you have a knack for pushing Android launchers and icon packs to the limit, share it!

If you have the creative ability to somehow make those Windows Phone live tiles extremely pretty, share it!

I think it will be a fun way to continue to build the “Freqy” community.

I’ll get the ball rolling with my current Halloween theme.

Halloween theme

A Halloween theme to get you started!

I used a wallpaper found on Zedge and the icon pack is “CandyCons”  It wouldn’t be Halloween without candy!

If you would like to take part and get your Halloween theme featured on mobileFreq, post a screenshot below or share one with my on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or in the comments below!

Oh and I might include an iTunes or Google Play card of your choice for whoever sends me my favorite theme!

Zedge on Google Play

Zedge on iTunes

Zedge on Windows Phone

CandyCons on Google Play

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