Last Thursday, AT&T posted a press release on their Innovation Blog that certain devices will be able to use their new WiFi Calling service.  So as you read this article it is already available.

When I say “certain devices” I really mean just the last two iterations of the iPhone.  If you have an iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s or 6s Plus, you’re good to go with WiFi Calling on AT&T!

Kind of a bummer for Android and Windows Phone users, but it shouldn’t be long until you all are able to have the same service.  I am assuming AT&T is using this as a trial run before they open it up to their entire network.  So consider it the “AT&T WiFi Calling Beta”.  

Can you imagine if their network was not up to par to handle all the new requests?  It would be an absolute nightmare.

If you are one of the lucky few who has one of those four iPhones, make sure you have a postpaid AT&T account that is compatible with HD Voice.  As long as you have both those things, along with access to WiFi, you can start making calls using WiFi.

So will this service cost me anything extra?  AT&T obviously will charge me something, right?

Nope!  WiFi Calling is a free extra feature to your current plan.

Why is that?

AT&T WiFi Calling is nothing more than Voice over Internet Protocol…or VoIP.

VoIP has been around for years now and is nothing to be really surprised about.  To name a couple, Google Voice and Vonage are both VoIP services.  One is completely free.  The other charges you per month.

I’ve been using Google Voice on my Androids free since about 2012 and it’s very convenient.  The main reason I use VoIP is that I can have two phone numbers.  One “home” number that is through Google Voice and the other a mobile number through Verizon.  That way I will only get calls when I’m connected to my router at home.

Soon, AT&T and the other carriers are going to be offering VoLTE which, again, is still VoIP.  The internet is where the industry is headed for mobile calling.

Why should you take advantage of this commodity?

The main reason to start using AT&T WiFi Calling is so you can make phone calls, and not drop those calls, while in a dense building.  Or maybe you are in your basement family room watching a movie and have terrible reception.

If you start a phone call and leave these locations AT&T will seamlessly pickup your conversation through their wireless coverage as long as you have HD Voice ready.  Basically what T-Mobile has already been doing for some time now.

So if you decide to take advantage of AT&T WiFi Calling, you will keep your same number and pay nothing extra for the feature.  Pretty decent deal if you ask me.

Source: AT&T Innovation Blog


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