This is just a quick shout-out to Apple.

Thank you for the work you put into iOS 9.  It has revitalized my iPad Mini 2 since updating it a few weeks ago.

I no longer experience stutters or apps sporadically closing.  I no longer have the keyboard play “catch up” when I’m typing something at a decent speed.

IOS 9 is slick.

Apple knows how to update their devices.  I have to give credit where credit is due.  This reason alone is why you buy products from Apple.

There are a few things that I would still like to see fixed, such as the multi-finger gesture when exiting apps, but overall I’m very satisfied with iOS 9.

I’d rather the transition be smooth like it used to be in iOS 7 instead of the stutter thing that it is now.  The animation where all the apps collapse from the outside bugs me.

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The zoom-out animation is fine when you click the home button, but I literally never use the home button on my iPad.  It is so much quicker to use the gesture.  Maybe I’m in the minority of users who actually do this?  I have no idea.

Copy/paste is quicker and more intuitive.

Control Center pops up faster too.

You know what also is a bit more brisk?  The app switcher.  Apple simplified it and made it more like Android.  Awesome.

I also find myself actually using Siri.  She seems to give me more relevant answers.

If iOS X (10) gets released next year and can keep my iPad Mini 2 running smoothly for another two years, I will be incredibly satisfied with the Cupertino company.

Thanks again, Apple.

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