While sitting on the couch with my iPad Mini 2 that recently was updated with iOS 9, I felt the need to browse the Appstore and see if I could find something worthy of the Tappday honor.

The “Best New Games” section on the front page was calling my name.  I wanted to actually play a game again on my revitalized iPad Mini.

And there it was.

Almost Impossible!

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Almost Impossible! is a new game that was developed by Dan Counsell for iOS devices on October 29, 2015.  You can play it on your iPhone, iPad, AppleTV, or Mac.

You may have heard of The Impossible Game, which is incredibly simple and is sure to induce high blood pressure.  Almost Impossible! is kind of like this except, as the name implies, it’s not totally impossible.

Dan describes the game as a, “side-scrolling atmospheric puzzle platformer”.  Think of it like Super Mario, but more…futurey.

Having played The Impossible Game, I am rather fond of Dan’s creation and probably prefer it more.  The visuals are cleaner and more modern.  It is silky smooth and has a character that you can get attached to instead of a square.

The controls are easy.  Press the right side of your screen to move right.  Press the left side of your screen to move left.  I like the idea of being able to move backwards in a sequence so that you can strategize your next move.  It helps makes this more of a game than a heart attack waiting to happen.

If you miss-tap your poor white ball explodes into several chunks thanks to the great physics engine.  It reminds me of a program getting derezzed in TRON Legacy.  Very satisfying.

After each explosion the game will show your progress score in the top left corner.  You also have the option to skip with in-app purchases.

Almost Impossible! get’s quite challenging.  I don’t think I’ve gotten past the third checkpoint.

One mechanic that makes it difficult is when your ball comes close to a part of the platform.  The platform piece kind of pulls the character towards it as if by a magnet.  It helps your ball go up over objects, but also can pull you into a death spike.

The game is $1.99 on the Apple Appstore and is completely worth it.  It is very fun and highly addictive.

Recap: Almost Impossible!

Price – $1.99

Developer – Dan Counsell

Advertisements/Purchases – Yes, but only if you want to skip a level for $0.99

Satisfaction – Medium to High. I can see someone getting frustrated with it after a while, but if you stick to it, it’s very fun.

Replayability – Very High. Able to reset and start from scratch.

Download? Yes!

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