Well look at what we’ve got here.  Apple has given Android users its first…real…app!

This may be a sign of great things to come.  I’m certainly excited.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s first talk about that brand new app on Google Play, Apple Music.

Apple Music can be found on Google Play by clicking this link.  The app is free and takes up about 29 megabytes of storage space.

Now just so you are aware, this app is not meant to connect iTunes with your Android.  Repeat, this is not meant to connect iTunes to your Android.

It is instead allowing you to gain access to Apple’s music subscription service on your Android device.

If you aren’t already a subscriber you will get three months free to test out Apple Music.

Apple Music comes with a 3 month trial

An interesting thing about the app is it still requires you to need an iOS device or Macintosh computer to upgrade your service to a Family membership.  So you still need to be dependent on Apple to an extent.

To be able to download Apple Music, your Android device needs to be running Jelly Bean 4.3 or higher.

I’m not sure why you would want to download Apple Music if you’re an Android user because Google Play Music is the same price, but competition is great for consumers nonetheless.

As of right now music videos are not available on Apple Music because it’s technically still in beta mode.  This would be a reason to just stick with a Google Play Music subscription because you’d already have access to music videos.

Also, with Google Play Music’s free radio stations, I don’t think I’ll end up keeping Apple Music on my device.  I’m still going to try it out for a month or two and see how I like it.  Maybe I’ll do a review or comparison article along with a video before the trial is up.

A consumer who would benefit from this is one who has an Apple laptop or desktop with an Android phone who is already paying for the service.  There are definitely people out there, like myself, who enjoy the thrill of interoperability among different device operating systems.

So far the app has about 100-500 installs as of 2:52p.m.

The reason I’m most excited is that this might hint at Apple finally embracing interoperability as I just stated.  Instead of closing off their ecosystem from a huge set of users, their heart may be growing three sizes today and adopting the Android market.

Can you imagine if one day on the Google Play Store you had the option to download Safari, iTunes, Pages, Facetime or….iMessage?  That would be a game changer.  Heck I’d spend $1.99 for iMessage.

Let’s push it one step further into crazyville.  Maybe, just maybe, Apple would eventually build their own Android device.  The iDroid.  The Android iPhone.

Yeah.  That’d be neat.

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