As another day goes by in November, Windows Phone 8.1 users are getting more and more antsy.  They await the official Windows 10 Mobile update that will completely change how their device works.  Using your phone as a “desktop” is one example of how your Lumia will be transformed into a powerhouse of a device.

Recently Gabriel Aul, Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, responded to a user on Twitter saying that no new builds of Windows 10 Mobile would be rolling out for another few days.

The release of Windows 10 Mobile is still up in the air as Microsoft continues to work overtime trying to perfect the last tidbits of the new operating system.

It is believed that the new OS will push out to a select group of Lumia devices on December 14, 2015 while the Lumia 950, shipping with Windows 10 Mobile, will be launched on AT&T November 20, 2015.  Almost a full month earlier.

Those select Lumias are the 630, 635, 640, 745, and the 830.  Other Lumias will get the update sometime around February 2016.  Ouch.

Apparently the new update has been delayed due to issues with Windows Hello’s iris scanner.

To make sure you are ready for Windows 10 Mobile, make sure your Lumia is currently updated to “Lumia Denim” and is on the list provided here.

Sit tight current Lumia owners, the date will get here soon enough!

Via: Windows Central

Via: Know Your Mobile

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