A long time ago on a game console not-so-far away, a game was born that would bring balance to first and third person shooters.

This game would in-time become a  trilogy much like the films that it replicated in a virtual environment.

As many patiently await it’s release, there are many actions that can be taken to prepare one’s self before they enlist with the united Empire or join the filthy scum of the Rebel Alliance.

The Star Wars Battlefront Companion app is one such way you can get ready for EA’s latest blockbuster game.If you are a gamer who happens to be a Star Wars fan you have probably heard of Battlefront 3.  Well technically it is called, “Star Wars Battlefront,” but if you are around 20 years of age you will remember from your childhood that there have been two previous iterations of the intergalactic classic.

You will also conclude that Battlefront 2 was by far the best because of the space battles.  Maybe.

Having played the recent beta for Star Wars Battlefront on PC, I may be changing my vote for best of the series.  It’s a new hope.

The game looks gorgeous and brings back heavy nostalgia.

There are new features that were not before possible on the first two games such as the Battlefront Companion app for smartphones and tablets.

This free app is your little hub for all things Star Wars Battlefront.  Not only does it have recent news articles about the game, it also incorporates your Electronic Arts Origin account so that you can customize your character and see your online friends.

It’s practically the same thing as the Battlelog app, but it seems a lot less cluttered.  Maybe DICE, the design studio that developed the Battlefield series, learned a lot from Battlefield 4 feedback to help make the Companion app a lot more user-friendly.

Star Wars Battlefront is also aimed at a larger audience than Battlefield 4 so simplifying the app makes a lot of sense.

Within the app you can check your stats and progression along with what Star Cards or blasters you have unlocked.

Once you have unlocked certain items in-game such as character customizations, you will be able to equip them in the Battlefront Companion app.  However, you will need to first login and play the actual Star Wars Battlefront game first.

The game is set to be released tonight at midnight.  You can go grab your copy for console at the nearest GameStop or BestBuy.  If you have the PC version, like yours truly, you most likely already have it preloaded on to your machine.

After messing around inside the app for about ten minutes I already like it more than the Battlelog app and think it will be very convenient to have.  I say download it.

After downloading the app on your device there isn’t much else you can do but wait.

I guess you could re watch the entire Star Wars saga on iTunes or Google Play while dressed in all of your Star Wars gear.  Admit it, you know you have Darth Vader pajama pants and there isn’t anything wrong with it.

I’ll just be sitting here impatiently wearing my Clone Trooper helmet, playing with my LEGO models.

May the Source link be with you.  Always.

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