Just a quick little update for how things have gone with mobileFreq.  The last update was October 28, 2015 so I figured it was time for another.

You may have wondered where the heck an article was hiding on here yesterday.  Turns out there was not an article to be found.

I initially had planned the Star Wars Battlefront Companion app post to be used on Tuesday for Tappday, but after reading through it a second time, I rewrote a few paragraphs and made it into a preparation post for the new EA video game.  I thought it would help boost web traffic and get people excited for the game itself.

Having made a post for Monday I needed to decide what would be coming out on Tuesday.  How about the post that was scheduled for Monday?  Yeah that sounds like a great idea!

Flash forward 24 hours and I had it in my mind that the Tappday post for Star Wars Battlefront had already been posted so I was good for the day.


I was out and about throughout the day and ended up coming home with a beautiful Samsung Galaxy Note 5 from Walmart.  Plan on a review coming out next Friday!

By the time the dust settled it was late and I didn’t want to do an unboxing video with artificial lighting.  I prefer to use natural lighting when possible.

To recap all of it: no post on Tuesday because it was pushed to Monday…forgot to switch the Monday post to Tuesday because I was thinking Tappday already happened and I was too excited to go get a Galaxy Note 5.

Also speaking of Walmart, I’d like to give a shout out to them for having an incredible return policy.

I know a lot of folks don’t like it when reviewers or bloggers try to earn brownie points with corporations, but I feel that it justified in my particular case.

Obviously I don’t have manufacturers like Samsung or Motorola sending me review devices…yet… and I need to take the risk of acquiring these devices on my own.

Walmart and Best Buy have been absolutely fantastic every time I’ve “borrowed” a device for a week or two.  You know what?  I think that’ll be a post for today.  Yeah.  Let’s do that.

Also also, I just finished up the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 unboxing video and it’s being rendered as I type.  So there should be a total of three, yes THREE, posts coming out today!  This will start to be a common thing.  You guys need more content in your lives right?  Of course you do!  I’m wrong roughly 0% of the time.*

*As Benjamin Disraeli once said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”


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