Didn’t get enough stuff a few days ago on Black Friday?

Or maybe you are one of those type of people who is trying to figure out a way to never leave your house again?

Or maybe maybe you just want to sit back and relax without getting trampled by 32 people in a store.

So here is a big, constantly updating list of Cyber Monday deals for mobile.


Garmin Vivofit 2 $69.99

I love my Garmin Vivofit and highly recommend it.  Waterproof and extremely long battery life.  It’s just smart enough.

KMASHI 10,000mAh backup battery $11.19

I have no idea how much it normally retails for (definitely not $70 as it says), but $12 for an external battery like this is a good deal.  With 3,586 customer reviews with a 4/5 rating it has to be worth it.

Apple Watch charging stand $22.99

Most Apple accessories are priced at a premium.  This charging stand for the Apple Watch is actually not that bad.  Comes in 5 colors and is, at the moment, 24% claimed.  So get on it quickly!

Polaroid Cube HD camcorder $74.99

It’s an ok little “action” camcorder.  It isn’t in the same league as GoPro, but it doesn’t want to be.  Honestly this is the price it should be going for all along.  It has a magnet built-in so you can stick it to something metal and get a few neat camera angles.

PNY SD card sales$11.99 to $74.99

You can grab a 64GB micro SD card for $21.99.

There is a 128GB card for ONLY $39.99 (I just ordered one).

If you REALLY need space, a 256GB SD card tops out at $74.99…WOW.

Audio-Technica ATH M50x headphones $116.00

One of the best set of cans you can possibly buy on the market.  They usually go for around $150.  Seriously they are amazing.

Best Buy

Chromecast combo$50

Two chromecasts for $50 is a really good deal.  These devices really are worth the price because of how often they will be used.

Get both a Chromecast Audio and Video for $20 off

iPhone 6s 16GB $99

This is actually how much the iPhone 6s should normally be sold for due to its limited storage.  Wicked good deal.

Samsung Galaxy S6 + FREE $250 gift card $1

2 year agreement for $1 price

Monthly device plan also gets you a free gift card

LG G4$1

2 year agreement for $1 price (Sprint/Verizon)

Monthly device plan will get you a $200 gift card instead

LG V10$49.99

(same terms as the G4 above)

Dynex Selfie Stick $3.99

I can’t believe I’m adding a smartphone monopod selfie stick here, but for $4 it is actually quite the deal.

Samsung Galaxy S6 unlocked (32GB) $449.99

In-store only, but if you’re looking for a good deal on an off-contract device…here it is.

LG Nexus 5X (16GB)$299

Like the same deal at the Google Store, Best Buy is taking $80 off the MSRP.

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