In the hunt for a pair of Google Cardboard virtual glasses?  Do you also happen to be a huge fan of Star Wars?

You’re in luck!

These two things are one in the same.

Starting today at Verizon, select stores nationwide will be offering the Star Wars-themed accessory for Verizon customers only.

Verizon Wireless promoted this offer on most of their social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.  The latter was wear I first watched the video that got me excited.

I have yet to travel to Verizon to see if I can still pick one up so I’m hoping supplies last until tomorrow.  The origami accessory can be yours for a whopping price of $0.00.

Yup, it’s free.

Their current hashtag for the promotion is #WhyNotWednesday.

So now you can look like one these four people!

The official Star Wars app, on both Google Play and Apple’s Appstore, has a virtual reality feature in it called, “The Jakku Spy” which ties directly into the upcoming movie.

There are other apps which you can download to take advantage of Google Cardboard.

While it may look geeky, Google Cardboard is incredibly cool and I hope to grab a pair.  I really want a BB-8 version.

May the LTE be with you Always.

Verizon should use that…

Source: Verizon Wireless

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