Here is a relatively quick update about what’s happening with mobileFreq.

First, the iPhone 6s review is slated for this coming Friday.  It should be a good one.  I’m thinking that it might just be a bit longer than a typical review because it’s THE iPhone.  I feel obligated to really hit home of how much of a chance I gave the iPhone 6s since I’ve never technically owned one.

Along with the written review, a video review will be going up on YouTube.  All I did today was capture footage for just about everything I might make a video on.  Since I’ll be returning it this weekend, I won’t really have an opportunity to run Android vs iOS tests.

Speaking of video reviews, the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 review WILL ALSO be coming out on Friday.  It’s been tough trying to scale it back to a decent length that doesn’t become boring, but still has engaging content.  For example it is currently sitting at 18 minutes long.  Yeah… that is unnecessary.  I think that the golden length might be around nine to ten minutes.  So yes you will be getting two videos for Friday.

The next phone I’m thinking of reviewing is a Lumia 950.  It seems like I haven’t really given Windows 10 devices much, if any, love lately.  If I can’t get my hands on one then a Moto X Pure straight from MotoMaker will have to suffice.

In case you missed it…

Over the past week I’ve reviewed Alto mail along with Nokia HERE Maps for Tappday and shared my experience with the Star Wars Google Cardboard that I got from Verizon.

So that’s the update for this Wednesday.

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