Here is the first, of many to come, beginner’s tip of the day.

If you are a recent iPhone convert or just have a huge library of music and want to put it on your Android device you’re in luck!  There are a few different to get your sweet frequencies on your phone.

Most of the major Android manufacturers include software to transfer music to your device.  When you plug your device into your computer, the software will autorun and prompt you to install it.

You don’t have to use these applications, but sometimes they can be easier because it can walk you through the process.  Many of these also come with backup/restore options for your device which are wicked useful.

Here is an example of HTC’s Sync Manager.

However, every manufacturer’s software has the potential to import your media in a different way so it can get a bit confusing.  Samsung Kies seems less intuitive than HTC Sync Manager even though they do the same thing.

Another problem is that with some songs being DRM protected, they won’t be able to be imported.

Is there an all-in-one solution?

Android File Transfer.

Android File Transfer on the right.

Android File Transfer is on the right.

This application is available on both Windows and Mac. You can download it here.

Now don’t get stressed out when you see how barebones the user interface is.  It’s a lot easier than you think and extremely useful for transferring other content to your phone!

First plug in your device with a USB cord.  The application should launch automatically.

Open up iTunes on one half of your screen and Android File Transfer on the other.

Scroll down to the music folder and open it.

Click on the song you want in iTunes, drag it over to the folder, and drop it in.

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Seriously it’s as simple as that.

Should your phone have an SD card slot, you can choose that location to import your songs to as well.

Now go bust a move.

Warning: Do not go and delete random folders from the list.  They exist for a reason.

Download Android File Transfer here

If you have any questions let me know in the comments below!

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