The first accessory review for mobileFreq should be something worth your hard-earned money and Glif is exactly that product.

Glif is an extremely durable tripod mount for pretty much every smartphone on the market.  If you have a hobby for smartphone photography or making videos for YouTube, this might be the perfect accessory.

Maybe you want to use your smartphone as a webcam on your desktop.  Get Glif!

It snuggly secures devices between 58.4mm and 86.4mm wide.  The Motorola Nexus 6, for example , is nicknamed “Shamu” because it is one whale of a device.  At 83mm wide it still has a teeny bit of space to work around.

On the flip side, a device as small as the iPhone 5 at 58.6mm will also fit securely in Glif.

Fastening your phone in Glif is as easy as tightening one side of the mount with the included Allen wrench until the angled rubber ends clamp around your phone.  It’s that easy.

What’s even easier is that both sides of Glif have the same universal tripod screw.

I love the rubber “feet” because the rubber helps grip your phone so that it doesn’t slide out.

Some may think that carrying around the Allen wrench might be kind of annoying, but I thoroughly enjoy it.  I know Glif will apply constant pressure to my phone to keep it in place while other tripod mounts use springs that might not keep it secure.  Also, a screw isn’t going to wear out like a spring will over time.  Eventually the spring mounts will apply less and less pressure.

Also also, if you are heavily invested in video production or photography you will most likely already be carrying along several other tools like tripods, recorders, mics, etc so Glif is like a drop in the bucket.

I think if Studio Neat, the company behind this great product, redesigned Glif so that it had a clip built-in to the mount for the Allen wrench, it would be more much convenient to take along.

However, keeping it in the package works just as well because it takes up barely any space and is reusable, which I feel is completely on purpose.  There is also an included key chain attachment, but I honestly don’t ever see myself using it.

What I do see myself using Glif for is the “stand” feature.  It is because I already do… a lot.

Sticking the Allen wrench into the other side of the accessory will tighten or loosen the grip to stand your phone up.

This is particularly useful if you want to watch videos on your phone or read articles online without having to the device.

My favorite use for the stand is when I’m cooking in the kitchen and I want to listen to music.  I just pop my phone into Glif and start jamming.  Pun possibly intended.

glif tripod mount front view

One thing you will want to make sure before using the stand is that you will want to make sure the other end of Glif, the rubber foot touching the table, is shortened a bit more than it should.  I seem to get the best experience when doing this because it feels more stable.

You’ll also get the best media experience if your phone has front-facing stereo speakers like my Sony or HTC’s One.  I think Samsung and Apple devices will be enjoyable as well because their speakers are on the bottom of their phones.

So how much does this tripod mount cost?

Studio Neat prices Glif at $30.00 and can be bought through their online store or on Amazon.

Trust me, it is totally worth the three Hamiltons.  The product is versatile and extremely well-made.

Glif is manufactured in the good ol’ United States of America.  Studio Neat even includes a description of where each part is made on their website.

If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a video camera or DSLR to record your creative ideas, then Glif is the perfect accessory for all your mobile media needs.

glif tripod mount review

Glif on Studio Neat website

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