Last Monday I posted a whole bunch of pictures taken with Windows Phones and this week it is going to be Apple iPhone photography that gets to be the focal point.

I’ll be digging through link after link on Flickr to try and find my favorite pictures.  Every iPhone has the opportunity to be featured here.  Just like the Windows Phones, I want to showcase photography from both the high-end and low-end devices.

Like the Windows Phone pictures these may also be edited or photoshopped, however I try to find pictures that have been altered using mobile apps on the device itself such as Instagram, VSCO, Snapseed, or Adobe Lightroom.  The camera software is as important as the hardware in my opinion.  Some may be edited on a computer, but you can’t increase resolution and detail so I feel like they can still be shown off.

Make sure to click on the images below to get the full, high-definition image from Flickr.  I highly recommend it in case you need a new wallpaper for your device!

How will the Apple iPhones stack up against the Microsoft Lumias?

Take a look and judge for yourself:

Eifel am Abend

“Eifel am Abend” by Buschwerk taken on an iPhone 6s

“Wintersunset without snow” by Bruno taken on an iPhone 6s

Rain on Plants is a beautiful thing

“Rain on Plants is a beautiful thing” by Carolyne Sysmans taken on an iPhone 6s


Autumn by Elena Penkova taken on an iPhone 5s

two tiger tulips

“two tiger tulips” by Terry White taken on an iPhone 6s

Pine Banks in Winter

“Pine Banks in Winter” by Robert Cross taken on an iPhone 6


“LIFEISABEACH” by Fábio Petry taken on an iPhone 6

Beautiful Landscape - Chincoteague Island

“Beautiful Landscape – Chincoteague Island” by Randall ]|[ Photography taken on an iPhone 5

IMG_4243e "historic" Carillon Brewery

“historic Carillon Brewery” by Jenny Pansing taken on an iPhone 6s Plus


“Zarautz” by kostybit taken on an iPhone 5

Visual Witness EyeEm Traveling Shootermag ShotoniPhone6s EyeEm In Germany Fall Beauty Vscocam

“Fall Beauty” by Suzana Dordea taken on an iPhone 6s

but I'm on the phone

“but I’m on the phone” by Luigi G taken on an iPhone 6s

Hermosa beach sunset today.

“Hermosa beach sunset today.” by austin moats taken on an iPhone 6 Plus

“Le plus bel escalier que j’ai vu dans un Apple Store” LoKan Sardari taken on an iPhone 6 Plus

Portrait of a busy ant

“Portrait of a busy ant” by Jennifer Dudley-Nicholson taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

What big eyes you have, Squishy

“What big eyes you have, Squishy” by Andrew Stein taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

Thank you El NIño for the best Minnesota winter so far.

“Thank you El NIño for the best Minnesota winter so far.” by Kat & Dog taken on an iPhone 6s

Sole e neve... what else...

“Sole e neve… what else…” by Alessandro Tondi taken on an iPhone 6s

migratory footings

“migratory footings” by Michel Ventri taken on an iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s shot of Greenville, SC. This place has been my home for the last few years. Although I have enjoyed living here, I miss living in the mountains of NC, but lucky for me it's not too far of a drive back to those mountains

“shot of Greenville, SC” by Daniel Plotts taken on an iPhone 6s

A male mossie at my backyard, I reckon it is a male as it was not interested in sucking my blood

“A male mossie at my backyard, I reckon it is a male as it was not interested in sucking my blood” by PsJeremy…just got back & catching up taken on an iPhone 6

Mandarins and lemons in season. Fall in Los Angeles.

“Mandarins and lemons in season. Fall in Los Angeles.” by Dale Strumpell taken on an iPhone 5s


“Jewel.” by TYI Photos taken on an iPhone 6s

Laurel falls in the mountains of Tennessee (iPhone 6s plus)

“Laurel falls in the mountains of Tennessee” by Jason Roberts taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

“Chevy Caprice Classic Wagon ’70s” by HK 2016 taken on an iPhone 6s

Hojas sobre la mesa

“Hojas sobre la mesa” by Ortzi Omeñaka taken on an iPhone 6s


“Reflection” by Daniel Schrenker taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

This morning / January 19 2016 at 08:23AM JST

“This morning” by Takuya taken on an iPhone 6s

NYC testing iPhone 6s Plus

“NYC testing iPhone 6s Plus” by Ramon Vera taken on an iPhone 6s Plus


“Curiosity” by Mike Bowers taken on an iPhone 6 Plus


“Eyes that see through” by Timothy Golick Jr. taken on an iPhone 6s

on stage/night street

“on stage/night street” by osanpo_traveller taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

-Closing in on Berlin-

“-Closing in on Berlin-” by DBbricks taken on an iPhone 6s


“Shoelaces” by Jo Bet taken on an iPhone 6 Plus

“My new friend…” by David Williams taken on an iPhone 5s

The Grasshopper

“The Grasshopper” by Matt DeVore taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

IPhoneography Auvergne Spring2015 Springtime France Spring Enjoying The View Enjoying Nature Spring Flowers Blue Sky at Tinlhat

“Blue Sky at Tinlhat” by GreG ☏ IdAiM [ iPhoneOgraphy ] taken on an iPhone 6 Plus

“Jaguar F-Pace tour, Bluewater” by Adrian Milliner taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

“iphone 6s” by Emil abu Milad taken on an iPhone 6s

By foxmochanuk taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

“Lunar spotlight” by Jordan Chan taken on an iPhone 6s

Fireworks over the Hornet

“Fireworks over the Hornet” by darshan.meda taken on an iPhone 6s

Autumn Scene : Series of iPhone6s Plus captures a day in life

“Autumn Scene” by Masayuki Takaku taken on an iPhone 6s


“Cluster” by Tim Perdue taken on an iPhone 5s

rainbow love

“rainbow love” by panda.roo taken on an iPhone 6 Plus

This morning / October 6 2015 at 08:28AM JST

“This morning” by Takuya taken on an iPhone 6s

Manhattan helicopter tours

“Manhattan helicopter tours” by textlad taken on an iPhone 6s Plus

Eye4photography Street Photography Open Edit Streetphotography EyeEm Best Shots Black And White Black & White Blackandwhite EyeEm Masterclass Underground

“Masterclass Underground” by jcl_paris taken on an iPhone 6s Plus


“Shadow” by racheldelr9 taken on an iPhone 6s

…and finally here is my favorite of the bunch.

there's nothing left to haul

“there’s nothing left to haul” by William taken on an iPhone 6

So that wraps up the first Apple iPhone photography post!  You can expect the next one in three weeks.

Next Monday will be the Androids.  It should make for an interesting gallery.

I’d like to mention a few things about my experience finding these pictures.

There was a lot more “junk” to filter through before finding pictures that struck a chord with me.  The reason for this is that there are simply more iPhone users uploading images to Flickr than there are Windows Phone.

Also, it seemed that the “average” set of Windows Phone images were of higher photographic quality than the iPhone images.  This could be attributed to more photography-centric users choosing Windows Phone for their hobby device than an iPhone.

What was your favorite from the fifty?  How do you think the iPhone photographers held up against the Windows Phone photographers?  Or better yet, did I do a better job of finding better pictures to showcase?

Let me know in the comments below!

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