This is not quite my typical mobileFreq article, but I think I might try and make it into a bi-monthly series.  I promise to not spam you with ads or sellers’ content to make a quick buck.  This is not endorsed at all and I found it by browsing the site on my own.

Ok now onto the product.

It is probably the most practical accessory I can think of buying for a smartphone user who listens to music via earbuds.  No longer do you have to worry about the dreaded labyrinth of wire when reaching into your pocket!

The headphone organizers are made of leather, come in nine different colors, and will set you back about $12.00.  Those twelve Washingtons will get you not one, but two of these cord organizers!  Oh it is incredibly convenient that they sell them not only in gold, but mobileFreq purple as well.  To me it’s totally worth it.  Use one for your earbuds and the other for your usb/lightning cord.

Keeps your earbuds in check

Buy the leather cord organizers here.

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