We are switching up the theme a bit this week.  Like a lot.

For Windows Phone Photography #3 the theme is lighthouses.  I am not really sure why, but there seemed to be a significant number of pictures taken with Windows Phones on Flickr.

Only 25 images are showcased and it will be that way from now on.  Fifty is just way too much for me or you to handle.  The more pictures posted the more each loses value.

Want to use one of these as a new wallpaper for your computer or phone? Click the images below to download the full image on Flickr. Support the photographers by giving them a follow or favorite.

The following photos are also in no particular order and as usual may be edited on or off device.

So here are a bunch of lighthouses!

Nubble Light, Cape Neddick Maine

Hurst Castle Lighthouse

“Hurst Castle Lighthouse” by Ian taken on a Lumia 1520

Umhlanga Lighthouse

“Umhlanga Lighthouse” by Stephen Quin taken on a Lumia 1520

Nubble Light, York Maine

“Nubble Light, York Maine” by john zicari taken on a Lumia 1520

Nubble Lighthouse

“Nubble Lighthouse” by john zicari taken on a Lumia 1520

Roiling Sea

“Roiling Sea” by john zicari taken on a Lumia 1520

church and lighthouse, Thunø

“church and lighthouse, Thunø” by Lapscause taken on a Lumia 1520

“Noorderhoofd – Westkapelle Lighthouse” by maijau taken on a Lumia 1020

The fleet at Kalbådagrund

“The fleet at Kalbådagrund” by Antti Tassberg taken on a Lumia 1020

By Darren Humphries taken on a Lumia 1020


“S·U·M·M·E·R” by Marco Franchino taken on a Lumia 1020


“Langness” by Chris Kilpatrick taken on a Lumia 1020


“HIGH TIDE” by CML taken on a Lumia 1020

To the lighthouse

“To the lighthouse” by Ingrid0804 taken on a Lumia 1020


“SUN ON THE WATER” by CML taken on a Lumia 1020

Rainbow at Mumbles Head

“Rainbow at Mumbles Head” by John Evans taken on a Lumia 1020

Davaar Island with Ailsa Craig in the background

“55” by moray Herbert taken on a Lumia 1020


By maantotski taken on a Lumia 920

“Pier” by N. Stalsomething taken on a Lumia 920


By Esko Kurvinen taken on a Lumia 920


By Andrew Yool taken on a Lumia 800

The Lighthouse Subic

“The Lighthouse Subic” by LeoPanton taken on a Lumia 920


“Lighthouse” by Ana Puzar taken on a Lumia 1020


By Andrew Yool taken on a Lumia 925

…and my favorite for last

“Lighthouse” by Richard Dorman taken on a Lumia 1020


That wraps up this week’s Windows Phone Photography post that was all about lighthouses!  Next week…on Monday…I repeat Monday… will be iPhone Photography.  We were doing some updating to the site and yesterday was kind of a blank slate.

Take care everyone!


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