February 29th is special because it only comes around every four years.  The same could be said for Presidential elections, the Olympics and even Pixar films that I want to go see.  Google decided to take advantage of the special day and released a video highlighting the Zoogle Photos app in the world of Zootopia.

I love this video as a 25-year-old guy.  It’s cute.  It’s a tech parody.  It’s Pixar.

This was a great commercial for Google because it helps advertise their brand and services to a bigger audience.

Google Photos is caked into every Android phone, but iPhone users can also make use the app since it is available on the Apple App Store.  I’m assuming Zoogle Photos is also available to the residents of Zootopia who own an iPhone-equivalent device as well.

If you pause at 0:16 you can see that Judy Hopps clearly has an “iPhone” of some sort and if you pause the video at 0:37, Nick Wilde is sporting some crazy Android/iPhone hybrid device.  Looks like an iPhone, but has an Android home icon on a physical home button.

This might be the best leak of the HTC One M10 that we have seen to date.

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