Apple users of all sorts can now take advantage of a new online resource for all of their tips, tricks and all-things-Apple assistance.   Apple Support.

The brand new Twitter account has been live for only four hours now and already has 47.6k followers along with several support tweets already being taken care of.  Apple’s new account is as popular as a Kripsy Kreme “Hot Now” sign.

Below are a few examples of what to expect from Apple Support on Twitter in terms of actual customer and technical support.

As you can see the majority of support tickets tweets offer further help if the user sends a direct message to @AppleSupport.

This makes sense because Apple would want to keep the confidentiality of users’ data and Apple does not want to publicly respond with support because it would be a mess from a public relations standpoint.  They want to keep the account in “good standing” with public perception.

You can follow Apple Support here:


Via: iMore

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