It is opening day for the Major League Baseball season!  Ok, at least for my New York Yankees it is.

The fresh-cut grass smells great and the pine tar is messy as ever.

We have 162 games to go so let us make the most of the 2016 season by downloading some baseball apps.  Here are five to get you started. At Bat

Gameday live data

Gameday live data

This is kind of a no-brainer if you are a baseball fan who wants to watch live games.

With MLB At Bat you have two options for subscriptions.  The first is a yearly recurring price of $19.99 or a monthly recurring price of $2.99.  Both of these subscription options will give you access to the premium feature set.

If you do not want to subscribe there are still plenty of basic features that are more than enough for the casual baseball fan.

Custom home screen widgets featuring your favorite team, sortable statistics and breaking news are just a few of the things you get with MLB At Bat.

It is available on iPhone here and Android here.

ESPN Fantasy Baseball

It would not be a proper list of baseball apps if we did not include fantasy sports.

I love all of ESPN’s fantasy sports apps.  They are easy to use and look great.  I have never had any problems with them.

One of my favorite features is the polling option where you can send out custom polls to your league and instantly get results.  Most of the time the data acquired is just…goofy, but it makes for an enjoyable experience with your community.

You can find ESPN Fantasy Baseball on iPhone here and Android here.

Baseball MLB Schedule 2016

Schedule alerts to remind you before a game starts

Schedule alerts to remind you before a game starts

If you are general baseball fan and not tied down to any particular team this is one of the baseball apps that you will definitely want.

The simple and intuitive interface displays all Major League Baseball games for the entire 2016 season.  It also shows the realtime box score, news and current divisional standings.

Like most of the sports apps you can choose exactly what teams you want shown.

Probably the best part of the app is that you can set alerts for individual games.  This way you will never miss a game.

This app is for Android users and can be found here.

XLARGE X-Baseball

Alright we just gave Android users an exclusive app so it is time to return the favor to iPhone users.

X-Baseball is a pixellated baseball game that has surprisingly great reviews on the App Store.  It has a 4.5 rating with 2,163 reviews.

So what makes this game so fun?

I had an opportunity to try it out on my iPad and I have to say it is because it is incredibly easy to play.  It reminds me a lot of Backyard Baseball from the olden days.

All you do is tap to hit a pitch.  The game is basically a home run derby.

The app is free on iPhone and iPad and can be found here.

iScore Baseball/Softball

Finally we have an app that costs $9.99, but is definitely worth the price.

Keep track of your team's innings with iScore

Keep track of your team’s innings with iScore

The iScore app is for someone who is going to be consistently watching baseball or softball games and wants to log the information.  Maybe you are an assistant high school coach and would rather have easily accessible data instead of sifting through pages of games.  It can generate over 500 statistics for ever player after each game.

Maybe you are the type that does not want to spend $5-10 on a program every game, but still wants to keep a scorecard.  This is the app for you.

You can fine iScore on both iPhone and Android for the same price.


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