LG wants to make sure that you and everyone else knows that their latest flagship device, the LG G5, is in fact made with aluminum.

LG G5 in gray

LG G5 in gray

On April 4, 2016 LG released a statement on their official Newsroom blog explaining the situation that may have led to false accusations of their product.  Apparently there have been several reports that the G5 was actually made of plastic and not aluminum.

They say that the issue most likely stems from too much pressure being applied to the anodized and microdized aluminum housing of the G5.  Scratching too hard can show the gray primer layer which is meant to be smooth and can be falsely identified as plastic.

Having owned an HTC One M7 which is also made of aluminum, but of a different kind, I too have experienced the smooth gray layer become visibly noticeable after wear and tear.  However it took over a year of constant use without a case for that to actually happen.

LG uses a patent pending LM201 aluminum alloy that was co-developed by LG and the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology which should be, in theory, more durable than older aluminum-based devices.

If you take care of your device you will never encounter this phenomenon.

Source : LG Newsroom blog

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