Samsung has been really pushing the waterproof feature of their new Galaxy S7.  From being doused in champagne by Lil Wayne to being unboxed underwater.

The latest and greatest Galaxy is able to do this because it has an IP68 rating which means that it can be submerged in 1.5 meters of freshwater for roughly 30 minutes.  This rating also means that it is dust tight.

One YouTuber, Unbox Therapy, decided that he was going to push the Galaxy S7’s IP rating to the limit.  In the following video he places an S7 in an airtight jar filled with water.

Samsung’s S7 manages to survive the sixteen hour plunge without any problems.

Now remember that this was placed in FRESHwater without any sort of current.  In my “What is an IP Rating” article I explain the differences in IP ratings.  If you happened to fall into a hot tub with your S7 you would have a worse time than falling into a calm pond in the country mostly due to the chemicals that could degrade the quality of the rubber seals.

Basically what this video tells us is that you won’t have to worry if you accidentally drop your Galaxy S7 in your toilet.

Via : SamMobile

Source : Unbox Therapy

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