I will admit it has been awhile since a Photography #X post has been out.  Job applications and interviews have kept me kind of busy.  Spring is finally here and what better way to celebrate the warm and beautiful weather than with some flower pictures?

In case it is your first time here or you might have forgotten, remember that some of these images may be… spruced… up a bit with on-device apps or photoshop software on a computer.  I try to stick to RAW images straight from the phone itself.  Also, not every phone will be represented equally because maybe certain Droid users are not even on Flickr.  I find pictures that I personally like that happen to have the EXIF data.

Some of these will make a great wallpaper so support the photographers by giving them a ‘like’ after you download the image.

So here are 25 photographs showcasing the power of Android cameras through flowers.  Enjoy.



By dollaklaci taken on an HTC One M9


By Gábor Kasza taken on an LG G4

2014-05-03 10.12.32

By M & W + Dog taken on a Motorola Moto X

By Mark taken on a Motorola Nexus 6


By Boris Romac taken on an LG G4


“sunflower” by shona_mackintosh taken on a Sony Xperia Z3


By Jurandir Moratelli taken on a Sony Xperia Z3


By Jason Hsu taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5


“Tulppaani” by cidin juttuja taken on an LG G4

By D. Lloople taken on an LG G4

Macro flowers

“Macro flowers” by roger meijer taken on an LG G4


“Vibrant” by circularpanda taken on an LG Nexus 5X


By Nguyen Dung taken on an HTC One M9

By Srinivas Anoor taken on a Huawei Nexus 6P

“Krokus” by Bernhard Chudy taken on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


By Mayank Jairaj taken on a Motorola Moto X


By Xfour00 taken on an LG Nexus 5

Sunny day 2day in #Tilburg / #Netherlands at 121420lt mar 16 Pictures made with #Samsung #GALAXYS7Edge 📷📲

By henklbrNL taken on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


By liam lohrenz taken on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge


By javier cirizola taken on a Motorola Nexus 6

Sunflower symbool MH17

“Sunflower symbool MH17” by Chris Wielenga taken on a Motorola Moto G (3rd Edition)

Note 5-20151208_132543

By TOROTORO taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note 5


By Mark Vanderah taken on an HTC One M9


By Boris Romac taken on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

…and lastly my favorite of the bunch

Dandelion clock

“Dandelion clock” by Richard Andrews taken on an LG Nexus 5

That wraps up this week’s Android Photography post featuring flowers!  It was nice to see a few Samsung Galaxy S7 users already uploading their content to Flickr.  That camera is wicked nice.  I also enjoyed what the LG G4 had to offer as usual and the HTC One M9 surprised me a bit!

Next week we are back to Windows Phone Photography.

If you want me to use one of your mobile photos, upload it to Flickr and tag it with #mobileFreq so I can find it!

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