Yesterday the Pinterest app got a much-needed update which emphasizes speed and being clean.

The app has a completely new look.  It is designed from the ground up to let users focus on pinning more Pins.

Next is the speed of loading.

Adam Barton, Product Manager at Pinterest, says that the completely overhauled app will now load “up to 3 times faster” and he provides a demonstrative GIF to back up the claim.

Pinterest app

The Pinterest app is much faster

Finally, the new Pinterest app is now available in 31 languages.  No matter where you are in the world the app will be easily readable.

Note that even though Pinterest is available on both Android and iOS the update with the new features will only be available on iPhone and iPad to start.  Android users are urged to sit tight as they are next on the list of things to tackle at Pinterest.

“Keep your eye out for updates in the coming months,” says Adam.

Source : Pinterest Official Blog

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