So you are in the hunt for a brand new device.  It has been a few years since you upgraded and you are looking at all the specs on the latest phones.

Something catches your eye about this particular gadget that you have expressed much interest in.  To charge it you must use a USB C cable.

Yeah that cylindrical connector looks nothing like my current trapezoid cables.

Good news!  You do not have to worry about buying several new cables and chargers.  One of the best things about living in 2016 is that we have choice.  Nothing is 100% proprietary.

Save your money and get a few micro USB to USB C adapters!

Anker adapter

Anker adapter

On Amazon they are pretty darn affordable, costing only about $8.00 for this particular pair made by Anker.  TechMatte also offers a practically identical product for the same price.

It does not really matter which you choose, they will both do the job equally well.  I guess it just depends which logo you like more.

I would say that you do not need more than two packages of these unless you have a ton of accessories in need of being connected.

One could be for your nightstand, another for the office/work, one to travel with in the car and one to keep as an extra for when any others go missing.  You know one will go missing.

Apple iPhone owners are all too familiar with this transition to a new connection standard.

When Apple introduced the Lightning connector in 2012, several years of accessories and cables were immediately obsolete if anyone was to buy a new iPhone, iPad or iPod.  It caused quite the social backlash, but the industry adapted and introduced…adapters to the market.

Now cable converters are a commonplace item that can be found just about anywhere for cheap.

Android and Windows Phone owners now must endure the conversion of a new charging format.

Good thing it is relatively painless because all you need is an adapter.

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