During my daily browsing of Best Buy I came across a pretty neat offer for the upcoming Sony Xperia X.  If you pre-order the device you will receive a free 128GB microSD card.

The card isn’t some knockoff brand either.  It is made by SanDisk and is a Class 10/UHS 1 card meaning that it is suitable to record full HD video without stuttering or dropping data.

This particular card is the “SanDisk Ultra” and can be found just about anywhere online or in store at an affordable price with stellar reviews.

I have several SanDisk Extreme cards (Class 10, UHS 3) and have never had any problems with any of the cards.  I will always recommend SanDisk to anyone.

Getting back on the topic of the deal, I am not sure if this is a limited time offer.  Nowhere on the page does it say the freebie is just a pre-order bonus, but I would not take the chances especially if you are planning on getting the device anyway.

The Sony Xperia X can be pre-ordered for $549.99 on and comes in four different colors.  Sorry Verizon and Sprint customers, this phone will only work on GSM carriers.

Source: Best Buy

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