Today is Android Photography and like last time it won’t be themed.  I just want to show off a whole bunch of great images taken on Androids.

If you would like your image to be featured for Android, iPhone or Windows Phone photography make sure you upload to Flickr and tag it!

In case it is your first time here or you might have forgotten, remember that some of these images may be spruced up a bit with on-device apps or Photoshop software on a computer.  I try to stick to RAW images straight from the phone itself.  Also, not every phone will be represented equally because maybe certain users are not even on Flickr.  I find pictures that I personally like that happen to have the EXIF data.

Some of these will make a great wallpaper so support the photographers by giving them a ‘favorite’ after you download the image.

Here are 50 photographs taken with Android phones.  Enjoy.


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